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CARBONERDIOUS is a documentary film, web site and community of and about Black Nerds, Geeks, Hipsters, academics and more. Please explore the world of “Blerd” Culture and see what the film and the community are all about.

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This documentary film explores the recent phenomenon and increasing popularity of the “black nerd identity” and its place in American society today.

Since the turn of the century, popular culture has perpetuated images of blacks in America as subservient, violent and far from intelligent. In fact, the popular characteristics of the “Nerd” or “Geek” stereotype (extreme intelligence, niche interests, tech savy’ness, sci-fi enthusiasm, comic book fandom, etc.) have never been widely ascribed to or even excepted by a substantial number of black people… until now.

CARBONERDIOUS (car-bo’ ner-de’-is) is a celebration of those who considers themselves a: nerd, geek, spaz, dweeb, prep or hipster “and” also identify themselves as “Black”. Comic book creators to sci-fi actors, PhD’s to dungeon masters, CARBONERDIOUS explores the bleeding edge of what Black identity is expanding to be today.

The film raises questions such as: Is there such a thing as a “black nerd” out side of the “Urkel” stereotype? Will pop culture embrace this growing identify choice? Will the acceptance of “Blerd” culture improve the lives of African American youth who strive to identify and re-define themselves as Nerds and Geeks? Is it now cool to be a Black Nerd or is it just a fad? What is the difference between a Black Nerd and the traditional definition? And ultimately, what kind of world would we live in if the Black Nerd identity ever became more popular than the thug or vixen?”



Writer, Director & Filmmaker, Tony G. Williams has been

producing award winning documentary films, shorts and

television commercials since 2004 under the banner

of GAVAN Media. His full bio: TonyGWilliams.com


His current brain child, CARBONERDIOUS was started in

2013 after he attended his first San Diego International

Comic Con and was fasinated by all the untold stories of like minded black nerds such as himsilf.


“I had no idea there were so many of us… It was like the Mecca of Blerdum all under one roof. I was emediatly inspired to tell this story.”  


Producer and fellow blerd, Justin Williams (no relation, to the

director... that we know of ) has been part of the Kartimquin Films

team for 4 years and now heads up it's  "Divers Voices in Docs"

Fellowship for emerging directors of color. He came on board
to lead the charge as the CARBONERDIOUS team Producer

In 2015.

“Graduating from an Ivy League University like Brown taught me a lot about being a BLERD in today's highly competive world.”  

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